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About Us

Our goal is to offer quality, affordable poker bracelets for all types of poker players. The idea came to us while hosting a charity poker tournament in Los Angeles . We wanted to award a poker bracelet as part of the prize for placing first. Our first thought was to go straight to the internet to find one, of course. Surely, we thought, there would be all types of poker bracelets being sold online. Wrong! Unfortunately, to our surprise, there were no poker bracelets anywhere! Our charity tournament had to go on without a poker bracelet and we were heartbroken.

Not ones to sulk long, we quickly aimed to remedy the appalling lack of poker bracelets available online (and anywhere, for that matter). Driven by our love of poker and our frustration of not getting what we wanted in the first place, was born. Never again will poker lovers search the internet for a quality, affordable poker bracelet and come up empty!