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Elite Style Poker Bracelets are Here

Take a look at our new for 2010 Elite style bracelets. These bracelets are impressive beauties with 150 embedded crystals and an adjustable stainless steel band. Pair the Silver Elite or Dark Silver Elite with an upgraded Leatherette gift box and you have a coveted trophy for your next tournament.

Custom Engraving Now Available

We now offer custom engraving on the Elite style bracelets. We can engrave the face, clasp, or back to provide a unique way to customize your bracelet. Use the engraving to celebrate your tournament winner or as a personalized gift. Check out our FAQs for more details.

Poker Tournaments Discontinued

After much deliberation we have sadly decided to discontinue the poker tournaments that were hosted by PokerBling. Unfortunately, there are a number of restictions on advertising that have forced us to remove our tournaments from the site.