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Poker Jewelry


. Gold Elite Poker Bracelet

The new GOLD Elite poker bracelet has arrived! It has everything you love about an Elite poker bracelet with the beauty of shimmering gold tone stainless steel. The dark faceplate on this bracelet really makes the custom engraving pop! With over 150 crystals and an adjustable stainless steel band. This Gold poker bracelet lets them know you can dominate a poker table.


. Silver Elite Poker Bracelet - Silver

The Silver Elite poker bracelet has the poker world talking. This poker bracelet has a bright silver faceplate that makes it shine. With over 150 crystals and an adjustable stainless steel band, nothing can compare with the best of the best in poker bracelets! Become a witness to the epic bling our dual crystal recessed border puts forth!



. Silver Elite Poker Bracelet - Dark Silver

Behold another style for our Elite poker bracelet! This one has all the trimmings of the Silver Elite poker bracelet - but with a dark silver faceplate to give you a distinctive look that will let everyone know you have arrived!


. Gold Cuban Link Poker Bracelet

The Gold Cuban Link Poker Bracelet is our most popular poker bracelet. Weighing in at a heavy 2.5 ounces and studded with 95 crystals, this bracelet is perfect as a prize for your weekly ring game!

One look at this decadently intimidating poker bracelet will cause your table opponents to fold away their pocket Kings preflop, fearing that a player with such a bracelet could only have Aces! >>more

. Gold Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet

The Gold Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet is both flashy, but subdued; beautiful and intimidating. This magnificent bracelet weighs in at about 45 grams and is studded with 95 crystals.

The Gold Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet makes a perfect gift for every type of poker player, from the hardcore casino rounder, to the online shark, or even for the poker amateur just learning the rules! >>more
. Silver Cuban Link Poker Bracelet

The Silver Cuban Link Poker Bracelet is a beautiful, elegant, classy yet flashy bracelet perfect for the up-and-coming poker shark. The poker bracelet's platinum-like finish is accented by 95 crystals and weighs in at a very heavy 76 grams!

The Silver Cuban Link Poker Bracelet is both eye-catching and awe-inspiring! Get one as a perfect prize for a tournament! >>more

. Silver Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet

The Silver Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet is elegant enough for the sophisticated poker player, but flashy enough to be the envy of the poker table.

hining in the light like platinum, and accented by 95 crystals. The Silver Wire Mesh Poker Bracelet is perfect as a prize for your home game! >>more

. Gold Champion Poker Ring

Our new gold poker bracelet is certainly a standout in our collection. Instantly noticeable for its bold design and intimidating presence, the gold poker ring will catch anyone's eye, and immediately blind them!

With three huge Cubic Zirconia, your competition may be too distracted to concentrate on their hand! Get your gold poker ring today and make a statement to the poker world that you're here to play aggressive, dominate the action, and above all, WIN!

. Silver Spinning Poker Ring

Our Silver Spinning Poker Ring is an elegant choice for the discerning player of understated taste. A single ruby-red Swarovski crystal illuminates a layer hidden beneath a spinning halo of poker suit shapes.

Are you on a flush draw, hoping to hit one of the nine cards left in the deck to give you the nuts? Give your ring a quick spin and see if the lucky ruby-red crystal lands on the suit you're looking for! This ring is sure to give you the confidence needed to push on a flush draw, knowing full well you have luck on your side! >>more


What better way to present your new poker bracelet than display them in a brand new poker bracelet box!

Gift boxes come in two styles, a classic leatherette bracelet box and a deluxe leatherette box with a snap button opening. Both premium boxes have a velvet insert and satin lining.

. Luxury and Custom Poker Jewelry

We have a number of options for our high-end luxury poker jewelry. We have access to some very talented and experienced jewelry designers that can provide high-end pieces, as well as the ability to create custom designed jewelry.

If you are looking for high-end poker jewelry please email us at with a description of your dream piece and we will make it a reality!